March 13, 2021

Working out and keeping active makes you feel great. You feel lighter, your bloating is pretty much gone and your body doesn’t ache as much. But exercise also has a dark side!

They appear when you least expect them to and crush your hopes of flawless skin… rashes and post-workout acne are way more common than you’d think and they all have a common source: your sweat mixed with whatever else is around while you workout.

Delightful, isn’t it? NO I hear you cry!

No need to panic, here are our top tips to prevent it.

1. Cleanse beforehand

No question about it: you should wash your face before every training sesh.
Your pores need to be squeaky clean to be able to release sweat without issues. You might think your face is clean… it isn’t, you just can’t see the guck. Even if you’ve just woken up, that face is nasty. That pillow case of yours? Unless you’re changing it every 4 days, it’s covered in old sweat. And if you workout after your 9-5… come on, take off that make up and dirt. Your future self will thank me. No more workout breakouts for you!

2. Wear SPF

Don’t you feel like a majestic gazelle when working out outside? The soft breeze, chirping birds and warm sun make it easy to really get in the zone. But you know what’s also outside? UV rays. Yep. Those invisible suckers will get ya’, age your skin, cause wrinkles and definitely up your cancer risk. Oh, the joys of the outdoors. So keep your youthful skin safe by slathering a good layer of the best sunscreen you have on hand. Even if you don’t feel like it. Even if it’s cloudy outside. Even if it’s the middle of winter. Just suck it up and do it. I’ll wait.

3. Wash after your workout

Do I really need to remind you of this one? You’ve spent the last hour sweating, rubbing your face against your mat and/or towel, sharing the air with germs and awful bacteria… and you wonder if you should wash? Come on, don’t be gross. Move your tush to the sink ASAP and get that icky layer of sweat off your face with a gentle cleanser. No need to exfoliate right away, your face will be extra tender after sweating. Leave that beaded face wash for later.

4. Don’t touch yourself

Not like that, we’re all about self-love. We mean while you’re working out. This one goes even if you’re working out outside by your lone self, but especially so if you’re a gym-goer. Just think about the dozens of people that have already sweated over the machines you’re touching. The sticky surface of your dumbbells. And don’t even get me started on those awfully stinky mats. Believe you me, you don’t want to pass on those germs to your mostly acne-free face. It’ll make you breakout and who knows what else. You have been warned.

5. Stay hydrated

Just woke up? Water. Planning to work out? Water. Already sweating buckets? WATER baby! Whatever your lifestyle, but especially if you sweat on the reg’, hydration is a must. After a good training session, drinking enough water helps your body come back to a healthy temperature, lubricates your joints and makes it easier for your muscles to regenerate. You can also help hydrate your skin by applying a light moisturiser after your post-workout shower: it will fight flakiness and keep your skin soft as a baby’s bottom.

6. Keep your hair back

Those Instagram people working out with their lush hair everywhere, beautifully arranged against their shoulders…? That ain’t gonna happen for us mortals. It doesn’t matter if you’re Rapunzel or are rocking a short ‘do. Between the shuffling, the sweat and the moving around, your beautiful locks will soon become a matted nest where birds would happily stay for the season. Plus, it will get your skin sticky with leftover hair products full of skin-clogging chemicals and irritating silicones. Just no.

You know those weird breakouts on the hair line and by your cheeks? It’s the sweat mixed with hair stuff causing it. So wearing a headband while working out can actually prevent clogged pores and spots. It won’t cure your acne, but at least it won’t make it worse either.

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The bottom line

You want healthy skin? You gotta work for it. But no worries, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Just follow our easy-peasy tips and you’ll be boasting that #WokeUpLikeThis look in no time.