June 03, 2021

Wanna look fly AF and keep your peepers protected on your next adventure? Then sunglasses are the way to go.

But where to start?

Don’t drown in the million options available, choosing the best sunglasses can be easy… if you follow some simple tips!

FYI, we've done our research and we know our stuff... So here’s our easy guide to choosing the best sunglasses for your next escapade, whether it's hiking, climbing, paddle boarding, running.. or exploring your local pubs!.

Let’s go!

1. Consider your needs

Nope, you’re not going on a shopping spree right away. I know, bummer. Put that credit card down! It’s time to think about your life choices… err, your needs.

Think about what for and where you’ll be using your fab new sunglasses. Do you plan on hiking twice a week or will these be an occasional thing? Do you go out in the snow, or the forest? Will you use them while out and about on the town as well as for sports? Would you love to use them to run or cycle as well? You get the drill. We recommend jotting everything down -or typing it on your phone- and have that list handy while shopping. If you don’t get a pair of shades that fit what you’ll actually use them for, you’ll be disappointed and fail to use them. We’ve warned you!

2. UV protection is a must

This one might seem obvious, but there’s no harm in saying it again. Chronic sun exposure won’t only give you freckles and a higher chance of melanoma (hello derm visits!), it can also affect your eyes. Studies show people that don’t protect their eyes from both UV-a and UV-B rays are more likely to have cataracts and macular degeneration. Yep, those are as serious as they sound. Don’t risk it, get those lil’ eyeballs of yours some good UV filters.

Btw, make sure your chosen pair clearly states they offer UV protection, since not all tinted glasses do.

3. For active lifestyles, choose grip

There’s nothing worse than sunglasses that won’t.stay.put. It’s the bane of every hiker’s existence, and if it happens, you’ll want to throw your shades off the nearest cliff. Save yourself the bulging forehead vein from the pent-up rage. Grippy sunglasses to the rescue! High-quality sport sunglasses will be designed to avoid bouncing and slipping, usually by adding textured areas to help avoid movement. If you plan on doing anything more than sunbathing with your shades on, get yourself a grippy pair.

4. Polarized lenses are best to avoid glare

Wanna avoid wrinkles? Then do your forehead a favour and stop squinting in the sun every time you hit the trail. Polarized lenses have a special tint that absorbs reflective light, meaning you won’t have to squint your way through the trail whenever the sun is shining on everything. If you plan on going to a lake/the beach, strolling through the snow or even walking on light-coloured rocks or soil, polarized is the way to go.

5. Find the ones that fit YOU

Yeah, yeah. You’re getting sunglasses to protect your eyes and see more clearly, but who said you can’t look good in the process? Slay that trail! Choose a pair of shades that are both functional and work with your personality. If you love colour, go for a bright pair. If you’re more of an all-black kind of person, do that. Finding the right look will make it easy to wear them on every hike, and soon enough you’ll want more than the one pair to round up your collection! Sorry not sorry, we love ‘em too.


Choosing the best sunglasses for you doesn’t need to be rocket science. We hope these easy tips helped make your next gear haul easier.

See you on the trail... We’ll be the ones with the BRIGHT HYGGE SUNGLASSES!

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