Top 5 beginner hiking tips

March 02, 2021


Ok, it’s time. You’ve had your fun and after 12 months of staying at home to varying degrees, we’re finally allowed to go out. Kind of. Keeping our distance. At least we can see the sun… as much as we can between downpours. Who doesn’t love British weather? Anyway…

If you’ve decided to take on hiking as your new fave hobby, welcome to the gang. I promise we don’t bite… unless we’ve caught the rabies from a wild weasel. Then we don’t promise anything, those little things are vicious.

Now, back to hiking. For you newbies out there, we’ve got your back. No need to go out and buy everything at Blacks. First, check out our top beginner hiking tips, we’ve got the very basics you need to start your wild adventures.


So you want to get outdoors, right? Cool, but don’t bite more than what you can chew. Most of the pleasure of hiking comes from picking the right trail. If you’re gasping for air half an hour after starting your new hike… you’ve done it wrong. No need to do the entire London Loop if you haven’t gotten off the couch in the last year. Hiking is supposed to be fun. Yeah, there will be sweat, spilled water bottles and not enough granola, but you shouldn’t be dying in the middle of it. Find something adapted to your experience level and interests. Patience young grasshopper, you’ll get to pro level eventually.


come on, this is the biggest sin of them all, and do you really want to risk it? New shoes are stiff AF. So that deep desire whenever you get new hiking boots? Fight it. Be strong. Your feet will thank me later. Been there, done that. The stiffness will rub blisters on your tender little toebeans, and it can even increase your chances of twisting an ankle. No bueno.


repeat it with me: Phones. Are. not. Enough. You know what happens when you get caught in a mid-hike downpour? Your phone gets wet and dies. And if you needed that useful digital map? Now YOU are wet and dead. Get the drill? It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a long 100 km adventure or just a quick morning hike, bring a paper map and a compass. Put them in a sandwich bag or something. Keep it dry.


Hikers are like onions. No, they don’t stink. They have layers (and if that reference doesn’t ring a bell, go watch Shrek. I’ll wait). Ok, on with the layers. You need them to stay comfortable even if the weather changes. When the weather changes, this IS the UK after all. Whenever you feel too hot or too cold, just rip a sweater off. Got freezing ears in a surprise spring hail storm? Slip on your headband and stay cozy.


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