Autism Awareness

This Hygge Band is tubular and can be worn in multiple ways. Can be worn as headband, hairband, face mask scarf and much more!!! (See diagram)


  • Moisture wicking. Keep sweat from your eyes during those long runs, challenging walks or extreme workouts.
  • Approx 19.5” x 9.5”, once size fits most. Suitable for most adults with heads sized 50cm - 58cm.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Made from Polyester Microfibre.
  • Offers protection from the sun, cold, wind, insects and dust.
  • Machine washable.
  • Suitable for sporting activities or fashion. Can be used for running, cycling, hiking, yoga, crossfit, going to the gym or even just hanging with your friends.

    * 10% net profits from the sale of this headband will be donated in order to promote Autism awareness. Check out our Charities page for more information*

    Customer Reviews

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    Good Mask Alternative (I think...)

    I bought four of these as because I wear hearing aids & masks with elastic headbands don't play nicely. £4K (yes - you read that right, that's what they cost!!) worth of hearing aid flicking onto the tarmac in Sainsbury's car park is not great. Add glasses as well, and there's a lot of competition for the space behind my ears.

    I double these over so I have two layers of material covering my mouth and nose - I believe reduces the chances of me passing Coronavirus on to you.

    I have a big head, so these are a little tight on my nose. My more expensive Buff is better in that regard. But as I am not using them as intended I can't really complain - if I had them round my neck for warmth, on my head for sun protection or on my wrist as a sweat band they would be fine.

    If I need to wear a mask for a long period I switch out to a home made one with elastic & take out my hearing aids.

    Whether I'm promoting Autism Awareness is another matter. I'd be happy to do that but I had no idea this pattern was a thing for that and I bought them as they were tyhe least girly option.

    In summary, good product - happy to recommend.


    LOVE IT! It's so comfy to wear and doubles as a face covering. Due to being a severe asthmatic face masks are hard to wear, this headband is a perfect alternative

    Versatile and comfortable headband

    I love this headband. I live in the mountains and it really is useful in all weather conditions. I bought a selection of the charity bands as intended Christmas presents, but I like this so much I may keep a couple back.

    Comfortable headband

    I like these headbands, although I have a larger average head, I have stretched the band a bit and it's very comfortable to wear. Great for walking on breezy days.


    My hygge bands arrived in good time and were of good quality. Will definitely buy more when I need them

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