Our Story

Hi I'm Hayley and if you asked any of my friends what I love doing in my spare time (not that I get much anymore!) I am sure they would say.. exercise!
I have the bug and I spend many an hour in the gym doing classes. Ranging from Spin, to pump, to HIIT, to commando x-fit.. basically anything that gets me hot and sweaty!
Like many girls I love my brightly coloured leggings and matching sports bras but a comfortable, stylish, bright, non-slip headband is hard to find. 
I was fed up of wearing headbands that would constantly slip off, I won't mention any names!! Leaving me constantly frustrated, with sweat in my eyes and hair in my face.
So having heard me moan for the millionth and first time, my boyfriend said "why don't you make your own then!" and along with his help thats exactly what I did.
As soon as my friends saw my funky patterns appearing everyday they were all asking me to make them one, and that, so they say, is how Hygge Gear was born!
Our Hygge Gear family is passionate about living life to the max. We are huge fans of working out, yoga, crossfit, running and being active in general. 
We believe that your headband should say something about you. It should tell a story about the life you love to live and about who you are.
Our goal is to offer a functional, stylish, vibrant headband at a reasonable price.
We love making them and hope that you enjoy them too!