Protect Your Shades

How to protect your sunglasses.

If you want to keep your sunglasses in excellent condition (and we are sure you do) then we would recommend the following:

1) Gently blow off any dust / particles from the lenses before cleaning.

2) Gently rinse lenses with water (not too hot)

3) Use a microfibre cloth or pouch provided to dry, no other material.

4) You can also use a gel based lens cleaner.

5) Keep them in the pouch provided (or sunglasses case) at all times when not in use.



- Avoid sea / pool water on the lenses. This can cause the lens coating to deteriorate. If they do get wet with sea or pool water rinse gently with tap water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

- Avoid storing your sunglasses in extreme conditions or temperatures.

- Avoid excess sweat or oil based products such as sunscreen touching your sunglasses. They will deteriorate and damage the lenses, and grip coating on the frames.

- Do not clean lenses with clothing, dish clothes, kitchen roll or similar. Use only pouch provided or microfibre cloth.