This Hygge Band is tubular and can be worn in multiple ways. Can be worn as headband, hairband, face mask scarf and much more!!! (See diagram)


  • Moisture wicking. Keep sweat from your eyes during those long runs, challenging walks or extreme workouts.
  • Approx 19.5” x 9.5”, once size fits most. Suitable for all hair types, keeping your head happy!
  • Made from Polyester Microfibre.
  • Offers protection from the sun, cold, wind, insects and dust.
  • Machine washable.
  • Suitable for sporting activities or fashion. Can be used for running, cycling, hiking, yoga, crossfit, going to the gym or even just hanging with your friends.

** Actual Colours May Vary Slightly **

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I bought four of these head bands and I'm very happy with them. Quick delivery and a good product.


Fantastic the first headband that doesnt move and slide during my run!

Great product!

I'm not overly active, due to medical reasons. I have started a medical blog and done a personal review of them recently (you can see it on 'Meds&Doctors' on Instagram) and I would definitely recommend them.
I have nothing bad to say about them and have yet to have a bad experience with them. They definitely live up to their versatility, and they're fantastic a helping tame my curly locks.
Love the varitey of designs available too, so much to choose from!

Fab just fab!!

Amazing just amazing. Fantastic quality and so very useful for all activities and sports. Really good delivery time too fast and efficient

Hygge bands.

I've been looking at these head bands for months. Let's get one thing straight, I don't exercise. If you ever see me running then you'd better run too, because there's something really bad behind me. What I do have is very thick hair that I have to wear up for my very physical job, which is completed in an atmosphere approximately the temperature of mars, which involves lots of sweat. So, I gave in and ordered some. I'm 43 for the record and my grown up children laughed at me when I wore one, my husband looked at me and said that's interesting.... The band's do fit my head, they do contain my hair - although I do end up with a weird flick at the back where my hair stands up about an inch when loose. I have used them as just bands to tie my hair up and they do work at that, what I can't get is the way to wear them as an actual head band. I'm not keen on advertising the company constantly so would prefer not to walk around with hygge plastered across my forehead and I struggle when I make them narrow enough to sit on my head, whilst avoiding covering my ears as I also wear glasses and it's very uncomfortable to have them pressed constantly into my head by a band. They ate also great for sleeping in to contain hair when worn like a head scarf.
In summary, you have nothing to lose, if you wear the band as an exercise accessory for an hour's class or run rather than as a tool to absorb sweat over a 13 hour shift then you probably won't have any of the niggles I've had. They are good quality, well made and the delivery was swift. They're also buy one get three free at the minute so a great deal. Buy them and see what you think!

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