FREE UK SHIPPING over £50 (International £75)

FREE UK SHIPPING over £50 (International £75)


I've just received my band and it feels stiff / rough. What should I do?

All of our bands are ironed before being sent out. All you need to do is stretch the headband in different directions, and "voila", you have a nice soft, stretchy headband!


How Should I wear my Hygge Band?

Please refer to the illustration below for some of the most popular ways to wear.



 What are your headbands made of?

Our Multi Use Headbands are made from a soft Polyester Microfiber.


What size are your headbands?

Our headbands fit almost everyone. The fabric is suitable for adults and children.


Will my headband look exactly the same as the product photograph?

All of our headbands are cut from large lengths of fabric so each is one-of-a-kind. Although it may not look exactly the same as the product photograph, it will be cut from the same roll of material.

Please note actual colours may vary. It’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. 

This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.

We try to edit our photos to show the products as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual colour may vary slightly from your monitor.

When printing on garments, it’s important to consider fabric material and garment colour. 

We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


How should I wash my headband / bandana?

Hand wash or machine wash at Low Temperature Only. Do not machine dry.


Can I choose the Mystery Headband?

Unfortunately not. They are as the name suggests a Mystery! This particular headband design / style will change on a regular basis and cannot be exchanged for another product. It can be any style / design available on our website at any time.










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